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groovycareers cards

Not sure what job you want to do?


Have lots of interests and wondering how you can continue to pursue those in a great career?

Considering what type of work environment would make you happy?

Groovycareers cards can point you in the right direction. By sorting interests, skills, and, workplace qualities into endless combinations, you can create and discover careers and jobs that will make you happy. If you love sports and finance, how many different kinds of jobs can you find? What if you select the wine, yoga, and travel cards? There are many career paths you can follow to use that combination.

Each card deck contains 150 cards including:

  • Interest Cards
  • Skill Cards
  • Work Environment Quality Cards

Groovycareers cards can be used by individuals or groups or classes.
Each set of groovycareers cards is $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

If you are a career counselor/coach, life coach, or teacher, you can use these cards with your clients or students to dramatically expand their thinking about career possibilities.

Here are some comments from satisfied customers:

groovycareers cardsI started my job search by looking on-line at job sites. It never occurred to me to start with thinking about what interests me and what I am really good at. Groovycareers cards really showed me there are many, many possibilities for careers I would like.”

I am a career coach and I use the Groovycareers cards all the time with my clients. The card deck includes different exercises we can try together and it also comes with blank cards for interests that are not already included in the set. The cards inspire my clients to think more creatively about their futures.”

I’m a college junior and my aunt gave me a set of the Groovycareers cards. I actually gave them a try and had fun “spinning the wheel” with the cards and seeing how many different careers I could create using my skills and interests. I am much more hopeful about finding a job I will really like.”

If you’d like to see how to combine the groovycareers cards into potential careers, check out our discussion page.

If you have questions, please contact us