First Groovy Job

Spotlight on SeamlessWeb:

A Conversation with Michelle Cheuvront Ibero,
Director of Operations



Are you looking for new employees?
Because SeamlessWeb is a fast growing organization, we are constantly looking for new talent. They can be people just out of college or those who have experience.


What kinds of jobs are available at SeamlessWeb?
Our jobs run the gamut from support to sales to accounting to finance. Because we are a very innovative company, this is the place for someone who wants to make a difference, to flex their creativity. This is not the type of company where one locks into a specific role. We are looking for people who are innovative, entrepreneurial, and always thinking ahead.


Why is SeamlessWeb a great place to work?
SeamlessWeb is always talked about as the place where people work hard and play hard. We are all friends here and we have a lot of respect for each other. This is a very comfortable and supportive place. We always say it is a great place to hang out during the day!


What kind of people fit in best?
Those who are hungry to do something meaningful and interesting. Those who are not resistant to working long hours. We are very passionate about what we do and about the company. There is a fresh, young mindset here and we are looking for innovative ways to do things differently. We want to stay ahead of the curve in our technology and the services that we provide. We are looking for people who contribute to that and we expect them to play a part in our development.


What skills should applicants have?
When companies post jobs, they have to list qualifications for their ideal candidates. We do the same. However, we’re very open to meeting people. When we find people we absolutely love, we will find a place for them within the organization. The resume simply gets them in the door. We want applicants to have some work experience. For recent grads, we will look at their summer jobs and the organizations they were involved with during college. We have hired athletes and people active in college activities. We have dancer and actors here. We are looking for people who have dimension.


What is the best part about working at SeamlessWeb?
The people! It’s a very open, welcoming place. No one will stab you in the back or roll over you. We don’t have activities like ping pong or volleyball. We just make sure people are happy while they are working and we make sure people have what they need. We expect a lot out of them and so they can expect a lot out of us.


How do people apply for jobs at SeamlessWeb?
Just send an email to
Once we receive your email and resume, we can direct you to specific jobs.