Ways and Means

Your Resume:

A Snapshot of Your Skills and Interests
Your resume is one of your first introductions to your potential future employers.
Its quality will determine your fate: the interview list or the slush pile.

Here is the essential list of Dos and Don’ts for resumes:

DO read the potential employer’s web site carefully. Do they want you to apply on-line or through the mail? Do they want your resume in the body of your email or as an attachment?

DO check your spelling at least twice.

DO double-check your punctuation.

DO review your format so that it is consistent throughout the resume.

DO build a picture of your skills and accomplishments.

DO use a professional email address.

DO include your volunteer work and focus on the skills you used.

DO print your resume on quality paper if you are mailing it.

DON’T list your college classes unless the employer asks for them.

DON’T print your resume on non-white paper or use a color font.

DON’T use informal language or abbreviations.

DON’T leave your Facebook page – especially those party pictures – open to the public. Many recruiters are Facebook savvy and will check out your Facebook status after they review your resume.

DON’T make your resume too long. For most college students and recent graduates, one page should be sufficient.


Here are two samples of successful resumes that highlight the skills and accomplishments of college seniors.

Sample A: (view as pdf)

Resume Sample A

Sample B: (view as pdf)