About Us

Welcome to groovycareers.com!
We help college students and recent graduates find the careers of their dreams. We show you the career universe of endless possibilities for finding work you will love. Here you will find inspiring stories and words of wisdom from people who work every day in jobs that make them deliriously happy. Through their interviews, you will learn the winding paths they took to their fascinating jobs. And you will also connect with other college students and recent graduates who wish to discover what to do with the rest of their lives.
What’s a groovy career?
It is one in which you are free to use your gifts and talents and you can be yourself. You look forward to going to work and you enjoy the people with whom you work. You say, “I love my job.”
One of the greatest pleasures in life is having work that you love. We want to be your guide in launching your groovy career.

Groovy Career Coach
Sharon Dougherty is a career expert who advises, guides, teaches, inspires, cheerleads, and illuminates the path to groovy careers for college students and recent graduates.  Having worked with 160 corporations, healthcare systems, start-ups, small businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations, she knows what makes people happy when they work.

Sharon’s groovy career is helping college students and recent graduates match their passions, gifts, and talents with careers they will truly enjoy.


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